I was asked to design an insert for a magazine special section for four essays about the state of innovation right now. After carefully reading the four essays I selected and utilized images to add visual variety and to provide further visual interpretation of the text. 

For this assignment I had to utilize the complete text, while keeping the paragraph breaks from the source text. The table of contents serves as the cover of the special section. The low flow line serves as a representation on how innovation over the last 30 years has been in a rut and not lived up to the true potential, as Hugo Lindgren argues in the introduction. 

"Two years ago, the economist Tyler Cowen published The Great Stagnation, in which he argued that we are in an innovation rut, that the last 50 years or so have lacked the kind of transformational change that characterized the 100 years before that. Nothing in our own time approaches the significance of electricity or the internal-combustion engine."

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