The Challenge:
My senior capstone course centered around a self-directed, independent project in design studies.
The Outcome:
A visual exploration of the experience of reading news on digital devices.
Most of us consume news in some way. However, engaging with the fast paced news cycle and staying informed in a hyper-connected digital society has fundamentally changed our approach to reading and processing content. A majority of news consumers access information online, shared over social media in fragmented pieces to minds with fragmented attention spans

News has never been so easily accessible, across so many different formats and platforms; yet, the case can be made that a large number of people are living in news deserts. Access to wholesome journalism is not available to everyone, and a content saturated Internet is lowering people’s ability to critically engage with text online. The user experience of news consumed online simply does not foster a wholesome media diet

This book is a visual exploration of research on consuming news on digital gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

Inspired by Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage, the book looks at how digital technology not only shapes content, but also shapes how people engage and process information. Digital Newser Experience takes the form of an experimental paperback, referencing current digital aesthetics as well as the aesthetic of similar books [about digital technology and society] from the past.
Read the entire book below:
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