I Am Here

I was asked to design a mini-site to be part of an online exhibition of favorite places called “I -> AM -> HERE.” The mini-site had to be comprised of three linked web pages, each with a pane for describing “I” and “Here.”  
If I could be anywhere right now, where would it be? The place had to be a physical and specific place. Then I had to establish a specific, local and broader context for my place. 
Who am I? I had to decide who the “I” was and establish a specific, general and broader context for whom I was describing. 
I was asked to design three pages to show the various stages. Each page had to be divided in half, one half containing the “I” and the other containing the “Here.” Users should be able to navigate to either the same level of context for both “I” and “Here” or different contexts for each.
PS. Not compatible with mobile/tablet.
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